Super Bowl Streaker Gives Up as Soon as Security Catches Him


Super Bowl LVIII has been a bit of a snoozer without much scoring. Hosting a defensive struggle that was scoreless at the end of the first quarter and 10-3 at the half, Allegiant Stadium needed a jolt. It got one in the form of two third quarter streakers, one of whom gave up almost instantly.

Here are a few angles of the streakers who hit the field, one of them almost instantly hit the turf and gave up when security closed it.

And here's a still:

That is the look of a man who is going to spend a fairly uncomfortable night in a Las Vegas jail cell.

The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs haven't provided many fireworks. Outside of Usher's halftime show, the only real excitement has come from Travis Kelce yelling at Andy Reid on the sideline.

Here's hoping the fourth quarter gives us more excitement. Taylor Swift flew 13 hours to see this game, let's give her a show guys.