Jason Kelce Wore Ridiculous Chiefs Outfit to Party After Super Bowl

Jason Kelce
Jason Kelce / Harry How/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs and Travis Kelce won the Super Bowl last night, which basically means Jason Kelce did, too. The Philadelphia Eagles center has been a central part of KC's playoff run starting with the divisional round and became nearly as fun to watch in the suites as Taylor Swift. Perhaps even more fun, if you're a fan of chugging beers shirtless in Buffalo winters. He took a bit of a backseat during the Super Bowl LVIII broadcast thanks to a star-studded retinue surrounding Swift in their shared suite in Las Vegas, but he made his mark afterwards. Because of course he was going to get in on the fun as his brother celebrated another championship.

The Chiefs ended up at a club in Vegas with The Chainsmokers. Swift and Travis were there, doing their lovebird thing and dancing to Swift's biggest hits. Jason was also there, and somehow acquired some sort of Chiefs mask to go with his Kansas City overalls at some point between the end of the game and arriving at the club. He therefore made for quite a sight as he danced to the music.

Just a guy having the damn time of his life in Las Vegas. What a scene. The juxtaposition in this next video makes it especially entertaining.

He spent a large chunk of the night in the DJ booth, as a matter of fact.

An absurd sight. And one that is undoubtedly more absurd in person because none of these videos do justice to the fact that Kelce is six-foot-three and north of 250 pounds.

Then again, seeing an impressively large man wearing a onesie and a wrestling mask dancing his life away is a pretty typical scene in Las Vegas. I suppose he fit right in.