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Jaguars Need to Fire Urban Meyer After Josh Lambo Story

Ryan Phillips
Jacksonville Jaguars v Los Angeles Rams
Jacksonville Jaguars v Los Angeles Rams / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

This has to be it for Urban Meyer's NFL coaching career. With the breaking story that Meyer kicked former Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Josh Lambo during an August warmup period, Jacksonville needs to make some serious decisions. Given all the embarrassments that have surrounded Meyer this season, the franchise must fire him immediately.

In case you missed it, Lambo accused Meyer of kicking him while saying, "Hey Dips--t, make your f--king kicks!" And when Lambo told his coach never to kick him again, Meyer responded, "I'm the head ball coach, I'll kick you whenever the f--k I want."

That is unacceptable behavior in any workplace. A person in a position of power striking a subordinate employee is grounds for immediate termination. The Jaguars should forge that path. They would be justified in doing so.

So far this season, Meyer has been an absolute joke. He's ticked off his players, repeatedly said really dumb things, blamed his assistant coaches for his shortcomings, called those same coaches losers and embarrassed himself and the organization with a drunken night out. All of that and the Jaguars have limped to a 2-11 record and look completely lost on both sides of the ball.

Those incidents show a head coach who is completely lost and out of touch. He's been awful and no amount of time is going to make this better. Meyer should already have been firmly on the hot seat before the Lambo story and now he should be terminated immediately for cause.

It's not like Meyer's career as a college football coach was free from controversy either. At both Florida and Ohio State he had a string of off-field embarrassments. He just can't run things cleanly at any level.

Meyer's arrogance and the belief that he can do whatever he wants to anyone must be stopped immediately. No player will want to play for him or the Jaguars if this goes unpunished.

This experiment has failed. It's time for the Jaguars to pull the plug.