Is Bill Simmons in 'Fast 9'?

Bill Simmons at the SXSW in 2015.
Bill Simmons at the SXSW in 2015. / Heather Kennedy/Getty Images

There's a new Fast and Furious film coming out this summer. F9 will hit theaters on June 25th (trailer here) and if IMDB is to be believed, Bill Simmons will be in every theater in America that day as The Sports Guy is currrently listed on the movie's cast list.

Simmons name appears near the bottom of the Full Cast & Crew page for the film. His role? "Linder Pit Crew." Linder is a character played by Jim Parrack from True Blood among other things. So if there is a scene at an actual racetrack, keep your eye out for Simmons during a pitstop.

Simmons currently has three acting credits, including the supposed role in F9. He also provided a voice for NBA 2K20, and appeared on that one episode of Mayne Street.

Now, as for Simmons doing a cameo in a Fast & Furious movie. .. it makes sense. He's long been a public fan of the movies, going back to the early days of the old B.S. Report podcast on ESPN. At some point, possibly (probably) during a podcast with Adam Carolla, he has offered to do a cameo or maybe even write an entire movie.

The series loves stunt casting and cameos. Gina Carano and Ronda Rousey appeared in Fast 6 and Fast 7 respectively and current UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou will be in F9. Similarly, Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea showed up in Fast 6 and Fast 7 respectively, while Cardi B will show up in F9. Bad Bunny will join Simmons as a nameless face in F9.

F9 was shot back in 2019, so if Simmons does have a cameo, he's been sitting on it for nearly two years and he still has more than a month to go. Los Angeles is one of the shooting locations, so he wouldn't have even had to get on a plane to shoot it. If Simmons is in F9, do not expect him to be impartial judge on the Rewatchables.