Remember When Kenny Mayne Toured the 'Sports Guy Mansion' Back in 2009?

Kenny Mayne and Bill Simmons in 2009.
Kenny Mayne and Bill Simmons in 2009. /

The Kenny Mayne era has come to an end at ESPN. Mayne will be missed by ESPN viewers. He was there for decades and should be remembered as one of SportsCenter's best anchors. He set the bar high early on with his simple, unsolicited job application.

From there Mayne was everywhere. He was good at what he did and because of that they let him try different things. Most of those things were shots at mixing sports and humor, which is not easy to pull off on television, but again and again he came up with solid bits for things like NFL Countdown's Mayne Event. Like this classic clip which featured Marshawn Lynch.

Mayne also tried to get inside the head of Bill Simmons is an episode of his Mayne Street series. This was so long ago Simmons was both still happy at ESPN and could only joke about owning a mansion.

If The Ringer is considering pivoting to video anytime soon, Mayne would be a good hire.