Even Trevor Noah Got In on the Taylor Swift-NFL Discourse

Trevor Noah at The Grammys
Trevor Noah at The Grammys /

The Grammys were last night and everyone found something to be mad at, which means it was your standard annual awards ceremony. Unlike the Golden Globes, however, there wasn't much to complain about in regards to the host. By and large everybody thought Trevor Noah did a perfectly fine job as the emcee for the 66th edition of the awards. The jokes were chuckle-worthy and safe. There weren't too many eye-roll moments. Most importantly he did not make himself the star of the show, which is the ever-present trap for the hosts of these events.

Noah also could not resist writing in a joke about Taylor Swift and NFL fans. With the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl the discourse about Swift's screentime during their games reached an all-time high. In particular there have been a couple high-profile sports media personalities who have railed against the narrative pushed by a certain segment of the population that she is ruining football because her presence takes away from the game being played on the field.

Noah planted his flag in the pro-Swift camp by poking fun at those critics and then pulled an ol' switcheroo by showing Terry Cruise while he was talking about Swift.

If you think this is all a bit played out by now, buckle up. We still have a week to go before the Super Bowl is played. Plenty of time for this to escalate even further. And if she's actually in attendance despite her Tokoyo/Australia shows? Oh, buddy. None of us will be able to escape.

Like much of what Noah did last night, it was a funny bit that he did not go overboard on and gave the audience a bit of a laugh. Good job, everybody.