Draymond Green's Only Punishment For Punching Jordan Poole Was Not Being Allowed to Podcast

Golden State Warriors Media Day
Golden State Warriors Media Day / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Draymond Green will not face any kind of suspension for punching teammate Jordan Poole in the face during Golden State Warriors training camp. Instead, he will be fined and enjoy a few days off. Steve Kerr announced the decision last night while saying it was "the biggest crisis that we’ve had since I’ve been the coach here." And just like that it's all over.

The Warriors will start the regular season like nothing happened. Jordan Poole will have to publicly say that he and Green have talked and put the incident behind them. Green will pretend he's learned something when there's no way that really happened.

What would a suspension have done? Nothing to Green probably, but it would have at least sent the message that instigating an incident with a coworker and then punching him in the face is something you should not do. A fine is nothing because Green is making nearly $26 million this season while he crosses the $150 million mark in career earnings.

There's really only one possible consequence that will mean anything and that's Draymond not being allowed to podcast about it. Green fancies himself a some kind of New Media truth teller and he hasn't been allowed to go on his podcast and explain what happened. Everyone in the media has shared an opinion on this situation. And he's been silent except for what sounds like a very busy apology tour.

Considering the world has seen him hit Poole, it's hard to imagine the Warriors want him sharing his side of the story. Or maybe Green just realized it was as bad as it looked and doesn't want to make things worse. Either way, the Draymond Green Show will be sticking to X's and O's this season.