Donald Trump: Nice Illegal Immigrants Knock On Your Door and Then Use Your Kitchen

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Rome, GA
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Rome, GA / Chip Somodevilla/GettyImages

Donald Trump held a rally in Rome, Georgia on Saturday night before heading to UFC 299 to meet Nick Bosa and Joe Burrow. His speech was carried live on Newsmax and he took the opportunity to debut a new bit about immigrants who want to use your kitchen.

"They always say suburban housewives... they want something that's very important... security. They don't want illegal immigrants coming into our country. They don't want illegal immigrants knocking on their front door and saying I'm going to use your kitchen. And I'm going to use your bedroom and there's not a damn thing... and that's the nice ones, okay? That's the nice ones."

Note that no one is knocking on your suburban door to say they're going to use your bathroom. Probably because everyone knows that there is no water in American showers or toilets as Trump has previously explained.

But now apparently people are showing up and demanding to use random kitchens and bedrooms and there's nothing suburbanites can do about. (Are they simply looking for a home for the refrigerator they're carrying around?) You just wish you knew the origin of some of these stories. In this case, it feels like Trump may have overheard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the anecdote felt just right for this audience.