Dodgers Fans Brawl With Each Other in Houston

Ryan Phillips
Los Angeles Dodgers fans brawl with each other inside Little Woodrow's bar in Houston
Los Angeles Dodgers fans brawl with each other inside Little Woodrow's bar in Houston /

Another day, another post featuring Los Angeles Dodgers fans brawling -- but this time there's a twist! Video from Tuesday night shows a group of Dodgers fans in Houston fighting with each other.

Intrepid on-scene Twitter reporter "Larry FooteSack" captured footage of Dodgers fans fighting at Little Woodrow's Bar in the Eado area of Houston. The fight began near the doorway of the establishment and spilled out onto the street.

This continued outside for a bit.

LA fans have poured into Texas this week as the Dodgers and Astros are facing each other in front of fans for the first time since news of Houston's infamous sign-stealing scandal broke. For the uninitiated, the Astros used technology to steal signs during the 2017 season, which culminated in a World Series victory over the Dodgers. Obviously LA's fans (and players) are still furious about it.

In the middle of Tuesday night's game, a large section of Dodgers fans loudly chanted "cheaters" at the Astros. The two teams played in 2020, but thanks to COVID-19 the stands were empty. There were fireworks between the two sides as Joe Kelly and Carlos Correa famously got into it in a benches-clearing incident. But the Astros hadn't truly faced the music of that scandal from fans until this season.

With that backdrop, Dodgers fans probably should focus their attention on hating the Astros, not each other. Then again, fighting is kind of their thing. We've had several posts that featured Dodgers fans brawling this season and it's only May.