Dodgers and Angels Fans Brawl in Stands

Dodgers and Angels fans brawl in the stands
Dodgers and Angels fans brawl in the stands /

The Los Angeles Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers are playing for the first time this season and, let's just say, their fans weren't getting along during Game 1 of the series. A group of Dodgers fans engaged in a brawl with a few Angels fans late in the game Friday night and it got ugly.

Twitter user FLETCHGOD captured the footage, and it showed several Dodgers fans throwing punches and at least one Angels fan firing back. It's hard to see everything that happened from the footage but it's clear a few Dodgers fans were throwing hands. It was pretty ugly.

Check it out:

Several people on Twitter chimed in and claimed the Dodgers fans instigated the fight, but obviously we can't verify that. Then there was this guy who doesn't seem to have a dog in the fight. Or maybe he has two?

Anyway, more evidence that Dodgers fans get into fights wherever they go. Having grown up going to San Diego Padres games, I can tell you I've never been to a single Padres-Dodgers game without some kind of fight in the stands.

The Angels crushed the Dodgers in the fight on the field, 9-2.

On a side note for our guy FLETCHGOD, please turn your phone sideways. Vertical video is the work of the devil and we must cast it out.