Dodgers Fans Fight Each Other and Security Guards

Dodgers fans brawl with security
Dodgers fans brawl with security /

Los Angeles Dodgers fans were in rare form Tuesday night. As we've documented numerous times this year, Dodgers supporters love to fight in the stands, in the concourses and even in bars when they're on the road. It's kind of their thing. On Tuesday night they cranked things up a notch.

The Dodgers welcomed the Houston Astros to two Tuesday night for the first time since MLB punished Houston for stealing signs during the 2017 season. The Astros beat the Dodgers to win the World Series that year, so there are still some pretty raw feelings for fans in LA. Dodgers fans were pretty riled up for the game and in the end they wound up brawling with each other. And the security guards who tried to break up those fights.

I the clip below you can see Dodgers fans throwing things at Astros fans, then a fight breaks out:

Another angle. It looks like they starting throwing things at Astros fans but then turned into a back and forth of everyone throwing things at each other:

Here are two Dodgers fans threatening to fight each other:

In this scene the first tweet shows a few guys taking swings at the security guards who are trying to eject a fan. The second shows security wrestling with a few fans as they try to get the fan removed from the game. You can see other fans start throwing food and drinks at the security guards.

Ah yes, just another night at Dodger Stadium. What a sh*thole.

Oh, and after all that, the Dodgers lost 3-0.