Daniel Jones and Carson Wentz Fight Each Other to Save Their Own Jobs

Carson Wentz high five.
Carson Wentz high five. / Al Pereira/Getty Images

The NFC Least will be on full display during primetime tonight when the 1-4-1 Philadelphia Eagles host the 1-5 New York Giants. Whoever wins the game will be, at least, temporarily tied for the most wins in the division with the 2-4 Cowboys. Someone put us out of our misery.

Speaking of misery...

The two quarterbacks of these teams, Carson Wentz for the Eagles and Daniel Jones for the Giants, have been terrible this year and are officially fighting for their jobs. That sounds weird for a guy who was in the MVP discussion three years ago (Wentz) and another who was the No. 6 pick in the draft two years ago (Jones), but such is life in the Not For Long league. If you don't produce, you don't start. Dems da rules.

Wentz has been under the microscope since the Eagles used a second-round pick on college star Jalen Hurts in this year's draft. Wentz hasn't performed well under the weight of added pressure, putting together the worst season of his career both statistically and aesthetically.

Wentz is completing a career-low 58.7 percent of his passes and has more interceptions (9) than touchdown passes (8). He's fumbled the ball five times, losing two of them, and has singlehandedly cost the Eagles wins over the Washington Football Team and Bengals (they tied) with his poor decision making.

Likewise, Jones has been a turnover machine for the Giants in his sophomore season, throwing 6 interceptions and losing three fumbles. He now has 18 interceptions and 14 fumbles lost in his NFL career. Coupled with his lowly career passing statistics (61.7 percent completion rate, 236.1 passing yards per game, 27 touchdowns passes) and his 4-14 career record as a starter and some are wondering if the Giants shouldn't tank the rest of the season and pick another quarterback in the upcoming draft.

Both of these quarterbacks are fighting for their job for the rest of the season and that fight starts tonight against each other. Wentz has Hurts breathing down his neck already. With the man who drafted him, Dave Gettleman, likely getting fired after this season and a first-year coaching staff now in town, Jones also knows the Giants are closely monitoring his progress to see if they need to move on, too.

Wentz needs this. Jones needs this. Their franchises need this. In the NFL, only one person and one team wins, however. Again: Dems da rules.

Whoever performs well tonight takes another step toward securing their future. Whoever doesn't takes another step toward securing unemployment, or at least un-starting-ment. The battle will be sloppy and hard to watch, as has been the case with everything in the NFC East this year. But at least their franchises will have a better idea of where they stand moving forward after tonight's game. Let's look on the positive side of things.