The NFC East is Going to Give Us the Worst NFL Playoff Team of All Time

Andy Dalton
Andy Dalton / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys took a commanding lead in the NFC East on Monday night by getting blown out at home in Week 6. With the loss they are now sitting at two wins on the season, which could literally win the division if a lot of weird ties take place. While that is very unlikely, the NFC East producing the worst playoff team of all-time is a very real possibility.

The standings of the NFC East are comical. Six weeks into the season and there is a 2-4 team in first place. The Cowboys would be in last place in the NFC West. Washington and New York are tied for the second-worst record in the NFL, yet a game out of first place. All four teams are in the bottom third of the league.

Dallas has given up the 218 points, the most in the NFL, 26 more points than the 1-5 Minnesota Vikings. And it might only get worse. Who knows who could win this division?

The Philadelphia Eagles might somehow be in the driver's seat with a win and a tie outside the division. If everyone in the NFC East splits their season series, the Eagles could end up 4-11-1 and hold off the 4-12 Cowboys. The Giants and Football Team could be 3-13. Forget all the possible ties!

Now obviously, this is the NFL, sometimes there are upsets. The Giants could end up winning five games and the division. Or - and I think this is the most obvious outcome - The Washington Football Team, a team with no identity or quarterback, somehow wins the division with five or six wins. If ever there was a football team for 2020, it is Dan Snyder's group.

The NFC East is going to shatter our previous perceptions of a bad playoff team. The only teams with a sub-.500 record to ever make the playoffs were the 2014 Carolina Panthers (7-8-1) and and the 2010 Seattle Seahawks (7-9). It's not a certainty that the 2020 NFC East champion has fewer than seven victories, but it seems pretty likely.

This is the kind of event that deserves a constant spot on the ESPN ticker. Local channels should be interrupting regularly scheduled programming to show Jerry Jones pacing in the owners box like it's McGwire and Sosa chasing Maris. There should be another presidential debate to discuss whether or not the NFL should allow a 4-win team into the playoffs. This is historic badness and it deserves to be monitored and maybe even celebrated. And when the playoffs actually roll around and the worst playoff team ever is hosting a game, keep in mind both those 7-win teams won their Wild Card game.