Never Forget Colin Cowherd Lauded Jets Hiring Adam Gase, Called Fans Dopes

Adam Gase.
Adam Gase. / Mark Brown/Getty Images

New York Jets fans generally hated the signing of Adam Gase as their new head coach in 2019. You know who loved it? Colin Cowherd, who said Jets fans were "clueless, they're dopes, they don't know anything" just before laying out why Gase was such a good hire.

Turns out Jets fans might not have been so dumb after all.

A big shoutout to Funhouse on Twitter for resurfacing this clip from 2019 because it's about as freezing cold as a take can get.

Gase has been putrid as the Jets head coach. The former offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach has led one of the worst offenses in the NFL the last two years, with the Jets averaging 15 points per game this year and 17.2 last year. Sam Darnold has regressed as a quarterback under Gase's tutelage. Gase has a strained relationship with highly-paid RB Le'Veon Bell and has yet to utilize him properly. Gase had issues with All-Pro safety Jamal Adams, who was eventually traded. Throw in a 7-11 record as Jets head coach and quotes about being "rich as f***" so it doesn't matter what fans think and you have arguably the most hated coach in the NFL.

Hindsight is always 20-20 and when you talk about sports on-air as much as Cowherd does, you're bound to make mistakes. And Cowherd does make some factually accurate points about Gase's success in the past, though some are a stretch (he was the wide receivers coach the year Tim Tebow played well in Denver). But success as a coordinator doesn't guarantee success as a head coach. Cowherd will be reminded of that every time this clip gets resurfaced from now until Gase is fired.