Travis Kelce Lost His Mind at Andy Reid After Chiefs Turnover

Travis Kelce and Andy Reid
Travis Kelce and Andy Reid /

The Kansas City Chiefs struggled mightily in the first half of Super Bowl LVIII against the San Francisco 49ers. The defending champs went scoreless in the first quarter and never even sniffed the other side of the field. Fortunately their defense was up to the task and made San Fran's life hell at the same time, keeping the score close. They finally got a drive going in the early second quarter and ended up near the goal line following a patently insane Patrick Mahomes deep ball. But the drive was cut off at the knees thanks to a fumble by Isaiah Pacheco. The Niners recovered and the Chiefs were left without any points on their red zone trip.

After the fumble, Travis Kelce was caught by the CBS cameras going absolutely berserk at Andy Reid and nearly bowled over the head coach.

Tony Romo told the audience Kelce was telling Reid to keep him in. Which seems like too casual of a conversation topic for the heat the tight end brought to the interaction. But it may very well be the case considering Noah Gray, Kelce's backup, was the lead blocker on the Pacheco run and let a Niners' defender get off his block and cause the fumble.

We've seen Kelce get heated plenty of times on the sideline but we've never seen him direct that anger at Reid. And it is certainly a rare sight for a player to get physical with their head coach during the freaking Super Bowl.

We won't hear about what happened here until after the game and even then they might choose to keep it in-house, but a pretty intense display from Kelce towards his coach.