Taylor Swift and Blake Lively Got Cozy During Post Malone's 'America The Beautiful'

Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

With many hours of Super Bowl LVIII hullabaloo in the rearview mirror and only a few precious minutes until kickoff, Post Malone took centerstage and midfield to sing a stripped-down acoustic version of America the Beautiful. Your worst uncle probably had something to say about it but it was honestly fine.

Toward the end, CBS broke the seal on Taylor Swift cutaways by showing the pop star all snuggly with Blake Lively, swaying. They were definitely swaying. Your bad uncle probably had another comment for that.

Shortly after this the camera showed Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Chris Jones with tears streaming down his face. Patriotic songs hit everyone differently. And no one ever knows what the all-seeing eye in the sky is going to broadcast to 110 million people.

There are people who legitimately care one way or the other about the frequency CBS opts to pan over to Swift but if you have a shot of her and Blake Lively like this you absolutely have to take it. That's just Broadcasting 101. You don't have to like it but it's very easy to understand it.