Chiefs Player Says There Was No Hot Water in Locker Room After They Beat Bills

Al Bello/GettyImages

Patrick Mahomes has a long way to go until he's as accomplished at Tom Brady in the game of football but he's already elevated to the rare air where a person should absolutely, under no circumstances, ever count him out. His first road playoff game in Buffalo yesterday presented all kinds of challenges but he and the Kansas City Chiefs rose to meet them all. They are a tough team that does tough things and they out-toughed the host Bills in the form a 27-24 victory to earn their sixth consecutive trip to the AFC Championship Game — erasing any lingering doubt about this being a full-fledged dynasty.

It was another storied chapter in the Chiefs-Bills rivalry yet a person could argue that it's not technically a rivalry because one team can't beat the other one when it really matters. It was another definitive chapter in the race between Mahomes and Josh Allen for all the plaudits and hardware and once again a beleaguered franchise is left to pick up the fractured pieces of what's looking more and more like it'll never be.

Bills fans peppered the triumphant players with snowballs after the final whistle and another sick episode of wide-right and while we can't condone it, we certainly understand it. KC offensive lineman Donovan Smith X-ed about a more annoying situation in the triumphant postgame locker room that may or may not have been related to the victory.

A lack of hot water.

The Bills did not respond to any request for comment about the temperature of the water, which really could have been a total coincidence. And after a win like that, who cares if it took a few more hours for the high-flying Chiefs to warm their brittle bones?

Maybe they can pay some more strangers from the community $20/hour to get it back and running so the next time someone comes into town they get a more hospitable experience. That won't be until August, though, so no rush.