Is Carson Wentz Doing A Giant 'I Think You Should Leave' Bit? An Investigation

Kyle Koster

Carson Wentz has taken a tremendous amount of heat during his first year with the Washington Commanders and dealt with a soap oprea-like atmosphere, as evidenced by his head coach Ron Rivera stomping out of his postgame press conference last night. After a win in which Wentz did just enough — which wasn't much at all — against the even-more-inept Chicago Bears. But none of that is the issue here.

We need to talk about the fedora Wentz wore to his own debrief and if it's actually part of a larger artistic project in which he pays proper homage to I Think You Should Leave. The circumstantial evidence is beginning to stack up.

My man looks like he was told by the guy at the store that he's the only one he's ever seen pull off such a hat.

Back in March, Wentz rocked a bold suit to his introductory press conference that even a casual viewer would recognize from the iconic hot dog skit.

And there's more. Check out this sweater straight off the Dan Flashes rack.

And this one that suggests there was a team meeting at lunch. I don't know if you're allowed to do that.

There's enough here for a New York Times trend piece yet certainly not enough to make any conclusions. It's probably all serendipitous but we can hold out hope that Wentz is secretly the funniest dude in the NFL creating a subtle masterpiece. Even if it's an accident, it's way more humorous than that season every player was trying to sneak in phrases given to them by Jimmy Fallon.

Let's continue to monitor this.