Carmelo Anthony & JR Smith Didn't Want Jeremy Lin Back, Source Tells Ian O'Connor


"Much as he tried to run away from that “ridiculous contract” quote, Anthony’s scrambling came in vain. “Melo didn’t want Lin back, I do know that,” said one source who has extensive dealings with the Knicks and their players. “Everybody in that locker room wanted Lin back except Melo and J.R. Smith.”"

While that’s the money quote in the column, O’Connor quickly backtracks from it, and the headline says the exact opposite. Melo’s CAA team has been doin’ work with the media from the second the “ridiculous contract” quote emerged, quickly running to Marc Spears at Yahoo for a clarification, and then doing their best with columnists and radio guys to steer the discussion away from Melo.

It won’t work. The only way Melo escapes this? Winning. We know Lin won’t win in Houston next season – roster’s too young. But Carmelo Anthony has an Olympian by his side in Chandler, a future Hall of Famer in Jason Kidd, plus Amare, Raymond Felton (who everyone suddenly loves), Steve Novak and come January, Iman Shumpert. Oh, and how could I forget JR Smith!

It’ll be quite the shitshow in Madison Square Garden next season if the Knicks start slowly and the Brooklyn Nets are the better team. We know Boston’s better. I think Philly’s better.

But I’m sure Melo will come through in the postseason. He always does.