Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau's Feud Has Spilled on to Twitter

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Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau don't like each other. In fact, seething contempt is the way I'd describe each of their feelings towards the other. Their feud has been display many times over the last year and now it's spilled over to social media where the two are having a back-and-forth spat on Wednesday.

Earlier in the day, it was announced that another edition of "The Match" would happen this year. Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson will team up to face Aaron Rodgers and DeChambeau. Brady immediately jumped into the social media fray, aiming some pointed barbs at Rodgers using the Internet's new favorite meme.

For those who don't know, after a round during the PGA Championship over the weekend, Koepka was being interviewed when DeChambeau walked by. He was so angered by whatever DeChambeau was doing that he lost his train of thought. That video led to the meme tearing up the Internet.

After Brady meme'd Rodgers into oblivion, Koepka seemingly apologized for what Rodgers was enduring:

...Or was that a barb about Rodgers having to spend an afternoon with DeChambeau? Bryson certainly took it that way and responded:

Koepka quickly responded with video of DeChambeau getting ticked at a fan for calling him "Brooksy":

God this is fun. This isn't some fake WWE feud, these two genuinely don't like each other and it goes back a while. Their animus towards each other is the best thing going in golf right now other than 50-year-old Phil Mickelson hitting bombs.