Brooks Koepka Visibly, Audibly Upset By Bryson DeChambeau During Interview

Kyle Koster

Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau are participants in a long-running feud. So it's not entirely shocking to see a video of the former doing precious little to hide an open distaste for the latter during a Golf Channel interview that never made it to air during PGA Championship week. But no preamble could possibly prepare for the 45 seconds of a specific type of tension that better wordsmiths than I couldn't do justice.

Set your expectations high and be prepared to elevate them even further because if you've made it this far without seeing its embryonic viral explosion, oh boy, are you in for treat.

There's a tendency to overreact to the newest shiny object and it's only going to get worse, but as far as undeniable sports beefs at this level go, it's up there. It doesn't take a body-language expert to see, laid out in stark detail, the general vibe between the two.

It'll be exhilarating to see the story behind this leak come out in the coming days. And for the responses. Feels like anything is in play and the only thing to know for sure is that golf is way more interesting to the casual consumer than it was this morning, when it was already riding quite high. This is a real momentum wave.

Giant opportunity to pair these two at the U.S. Open like kids collecting insects to share a jar.