Tom Brady, Phil Mickelson Will Face Aaron Rodgers, Bryson DeChambeau in 'The Match' Sequel

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers
Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Wednesday brought great news for fans of golf and football: The Match has a sequel. Over a year after Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson took on Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning, there will be a Part 2 featuring the winning duo of Brady/Mickelson.

Sports Business Journal reports the two will take on Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau on July 6.

This is honestly the best foursome we could have possibly hoped for. DeChambeau is the most entertaining golfer in the world right now with his eccentric dietary habits and ability to drive essentially any green on any course. Rodgers has usually been soft-spoken in media appearances but his weekly spot on the Pat McAfee Show this past season showcased a more fun side of his personality when he decides to let his hair down a little bit. Then, of course, there's that whole beef with the Packers that's still ongoing and may not be resolved by July.

It is worth noting Packers training camp starts June 8. The team is currently hosting voluntarily OTAs, which Rodgers is skipping and hanging out in Hawaii instead. If it comes down to it, skipping training camp is way bigger of a statement, especially if he's spending that time golfing on national television.

The mic'd up segments were the highlight last year and should be again this year. Brady enjoys talking trash and he did just beat Rodgers in the NFC Championship Game. The only way this could have been better is if Brady teamed up with Brooks Koepka instead. But either way, it's a mark-your-calendar moment if the Rodgers situation isn't figured out by July 6.