Women Brawl in Stands of White Sox-Cardinals Game

Fans brawl at a White Sox-Cardinals game
Fans brawl at a White Sox-Cardinals game /

The Chicago White Sox and St. Louis Cardinals were trying to put on a nice show for everyone in attendance Monday night when some bleacher bums had to go ruin it for everyone. Yes, another brawl broke out in the stands of a Major League Baseball game, but this time there was a twist. On this occasion, the combatants were women and the guys were the ones trying to break things up.

Check this crazy scene out:

The most embarrassing thing about this video is the Adam Dunn Jersey on the woman in the foreground. Yeah, I said it.

Another angle of the fight:

Here's video of the aftermath as security showed up to haul the combatants away:

Here's a still shot of the festivities:

Fans are back in stadiums as states open up and MLB teams loosen restrictions. These people haven't been able to brawl in the bleachers for nigh on two years, they've got some pent up aggression to let out. And boy, are they getting their money's worth early in the season. So far we've had not one, but two fights involving Dodgers fans and a Padres fan going Mike Tyson on a Rockies fan. There have been a litany of others as well.

So yeah, welcome back to stadiums baseball fans. Hope you brought bail money.