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Padres Fan Knocks Out Rockies Fan in Most Violent One-Punch Baseball Fan Fight Ever

Stephen Douglas
Padres and Rockies fans having issues.
Padres and Rockies fans having issues. /

The San Diego Padres and Colorado Rockies split a double-header on Wednesday. At one point during what looked like a very nice day day in Denver some fans in the outfield chose violence. In the embedded clips you will see a Padres fan walk up to a Rockies fan and knock him out with one clean punch.

From another angle, which had play-by-play overlayed which means this might have been shown on live television, you can see that a brawl broke out as the Padres fan tried to leave the scene of the crime.

Amazingly, no charges were filed.

Please do not fight at the ballpark. But if you do, make sure it's captured in high-def.

Update: Here is a sort of explanation of what happened.

The lesson? Do not vape.