Are We Ready For a 'Succession' Spinoff About President Jeryd Mencken's Golf Course? America Decides.

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Jeryd Menken won a controversial presidential election on Tuesday night, hours before the funeral of Logan Roy, the conservative media mogul who shaped contemporary politics. Menken's victory would have been welcome news to the deceased founder of ATN. Or maybe not. We don't have any dad maps to go on and he let his people do their thing on election night.

However Logan would have felt, Jeryd Menken's shocking victory has opened the door to a very dark spin-off possibility. There's already quite a playbook for the type of candidate that Menken is based on. In addition to the usual false flag missing ballot legally challenged election stuff, there is plenty of material for even the laziest writing staff to work with, but I'd like to suggest a sports dramedy.

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That's right. In the vein of Ted Lasso and Shoresy, there's plenty of space to explore in a political show that takes almost exclusively on a golf course as Menken juggles his presidenting duties with getting in 27 holes before lunch.

The HBO-ified Menken version of Mar-a-Lago (Menk-a-Lago? Menk-en-Lago?) would make for an excellent crossover opportunity with the next season of The White Lotus. Larry David, taking his MAGA hat experiment to the next level, could join the club. Ari Gold could fly in for the member-guest. HBO - sorry, Max - is trying to save money and what better way to do that than combine some of their most popular prestige television programs on one set? Menken could even revive Luck by calling one of the horses a junky.

The possibilities are endless. I know that's not the optimistic view many people in the Roy-verse are feeling today, but as a wise man once tweeted: I feel bad for our country, but this is tremendous content. A sentiment that Roman Roy would share if he had the ability to feel.