'Shoresy' is the 'Ted Lasso' of Canadian Hockey


The Letterkenny spin-off Shoresy finally arrived on Hulu over the weekend and it more than lives up to the original. Anyone who loves Letterkenny will find great comfort in the six-episode run, but the series should also be enjoyable to newbies because it's basically a cruder Ted Lasso set in the world of Canadian amateur hockey.

Having watched Letterkenny grow over the last six years, it's no surprise that Jared Kesso was able to make a hilarious limited series about anything, but the fact that he was able to take Shoresy and do this is nothing short of amazing. The Letterkenny Extended Universe is real and after seeing this there's no character I'm not confident they could build an entire show around.

On Letterkenny Shoresy is probably the funniest character, pound for pound, line for line, joke for joke, but he's also incredibly one-note. Well, two notes if you consider dick and fart jokes to be different verticals of comedy. The original Shorsey as fans have known him for half a decade is a faceless foil for Riley and Jonesy who is most often talking shit while taking a shit. Chirping about wheeling their moms while on the toilet. He's basically Wilson from Home Improvement if instead of giving worldly advice, he just kept telling Tim he was having sex with his mother. On Letterkenny every Shoresy line was usually punctuated by someone yelling "F--k you, Shoresy!" How the f--k do you have the courage or vision to turn that into an entire television show that has depth and even heart?

Basically, give your balls a tug.

Shoresy just does it. Like everyone else from Letterkenny, he's just an amusing character that you enjoy watching. Just like that. Just flip a switch and Shoresy is a human being. A hockey bro version of Wayne with a sunnier disposition. Everything Riley and Jonesy are, but stuffed into a natural born leader who is a dirty enforcer.

Letterkenny starts as a show where the hockey players look like the butt of the joke, but it quickly became apparent they and their world were crafted with love. Shoresy gets to start there. Not only are you in a comedy, but a good sports movie. You watch the team get put together and laugh at everyone's little quirks. But as with Letterkenny, the best work is done when they just set up a camera and do a well-written bit. Just look at this beauty.

About midway through the second episode during this scene is when I was convinced this was not only going to work but be great. It's the moment in the series when you start to think "why is this only six episodes? Have they started writing the second season yet?"

Letterkenny has always been funny, but the way that they've transformed almost every character into someone you genuinely like is an incredible feat. The greatest compliment you can pay a show is that you just like hanging out there no matter what they're doing. That's Shoresy.

I really hope we get to watch these characters eat sticks and paninis again.