Adam Gase Is Basically Running the Jets Like a Dictatorship

Adam Gase, New York Jets Training Camp
Adam Gase, New York Jets Training Camp / Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Adam Gase is a horrible NFL head coach. That's been well-established. He's run an already bad New York Jets franchise into the ground and doesn't seem to care how awful things get. Despite overwhelming evidence that things are terrible and the team needs a shakeup, he patently refuses to make changes and pushes forward with his terrible plans.

On Wednesday, Gase told the media he talked to his staff about possibly surrendering play calling duties, but everyone agreed that he's the best guy for the job. Yes, the guys who work for him and whose employment depends on his happiness told Gase what he wanted to hear. Shocker.

Since taking the Jets job in January of 2019, Gase has done nothing but light the franchise on fire. He basically ran off former general manager Mike Maccagnan so Joe Douglas -- a Gase loyalist -- could replace him. He demoted popular head trainer John Mellody to a consulting role. He ran off his most talented player and the locker room has lost all respect for him. He and Douglas have also failed to surround young quarterback Sam Darnold with any discernable talent, which has caused him to regress. Other than that, things are just peachy.

So Gase is power-hungry, has routinely made nonsensical decisions, created a cocoon of sycophants who tell him he's doing great despite all the evidence to the contrary, and has absolutely no self-awareness. Yeah, I'll say it: the Jets are being run like a third-world dictatorship.

During his first season, Gase led the Jets to a 1-7 start, but they finished the season 7-9. Going 6-2 over their final eight games looked like progress. Sadly, that was a façade. New York has started 0-5 this season and looks like a team with a legit chance to go 0-16. Almost all of the blame for that can be put on the team's 42-year-old head coach. It's his roster and his system with his hires in place. He owns it.

Gase is bad, his decisions are bad, his team is bad and he doesn't seem to care. When he faces fan criticism, Gase's go-to response is reportedly, "I'm rich as f***." Yeah, seems like a great dude.

The Jets have become Gase's fiefdom and they're sinking as low as a football team can. It's truly incredible that he still has a job.