Adam Gase Strikes Again

Adam Gase.
Adam Gase. / Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Adam Gase is a feather ruffler. He's not afraid to ruffle your feathers and he's equally unafraid to fluff his power-wielding feathers in your face if he doesn't like you. The Jets head coach has done it before and, in an offseason dominated by what's happened off the field, he did it again to a popular member of the Jets staff.

According to reports, long-time head trainer John Mellody has been demoted to a consulting role by the Jets. Mellody has been Gang Green's head trainer since 2006 and has been with the franchise since 1996. He was reportedly a popular person within the team.

The Jets had some weird injury issues last year and Kelechi Osemele and Luke Falk both filed grievances against the team. C.J. Mosely came back too early from a hamstring injury and missed the rest of the season. That led to Gase saying he would study the matter, though he said changes likely wouldn't be made. Then they were. Why? It seems Gase and Mellody didn't get along.

This isn't the first time friction between Gase and another member of the Jets led to someone getting fired. Former Jets GM Mike Maccagnan reportedly engaged in a power struggle with Gase and was ultimately canned. The Jets eventually hired Joe Douglas, who is a Gase guy, as their new GM.

Now, after a disastrous first year as the Jets head coach, which included Gase saying he doesn't care about fans because he's rich and a public battle between Gase and running back Le'Veon Bell, who was signed by Maccagnan, Gase has all the power and is wielding it as he sees fit. Gase has already said he wants to limit Bell's workload this year (the Jets owe Bell over $13 million this season and have an out in the contract after it, which they'll likely execute). Now Gase has won another tug-of-war against Mellody.

It's clear the Jets believe in Gase. They've empowered him to lead the franchise forward, despite some obvious warning signs. Going up against him appears to be a futile effort. When Gase strikes, he always gets the kill.