The Jets Got as Good of a Deal as Possible With Jamal Adams Trade

Jamal Adams
Jamal Adams / Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The Jamal Adams-New York Jets faceoff finally came to an end on Saturday afternoon as reports of a trade between New York and Seattle surfaced. Adams gets his wish, at least in part-- he wanted out of New York, and he is now out of New York. This was the only way the situation was going to end, especially after Adams publicly owner Woody Johnson over accusations of racism and sexism.

It was tough to gauge just how much leverage the Jets had. Adams was very outspoken about his desire to leave, which always undercuts the current team in trade discussions. But Adams also wanted a new deal, leading to this schism in the first place, and is still under contract for the next two years. There wasn't a whole lot he was going to be able to do if the Jets had decided to sit on their hands and dare him to hold out with multiple years left on his contract.

It turns out the Jets had enough leverage. They got a great haul from Seattle for Adams and it's hard to imagine any team offering a better deal. Joe Douglas definitely made the best out of a complicated situation.

That is an excellent deal for New York. Getting two firsts for a safety is a massive win, even if he is far and away the best defensive player on the roster. Not only do they get out of paying Adams what will likely be unreasonable money for the position he pays, they landed three draft picks. They probably won't be particularly high draft picks, but it's valuable currency for a team that already has its franchise cornerstone at quarterback. Bradly McDougald isn't a slouch at safety, either. He isn't at Adams' level, but will be a serviceable replacement for him in the secondary.

It would have been better for New York if this didn't get to be such a public debacle. But Adams is gone now, and they got a lot more than anyone anticipated in return. Seattle must really love Adams, and he may very well be the final piece left in their defensive puzzle to return to the glory days of the Legion of Boom. But New York is the big winner here, no doubt about it.