Christopher Johnson Says Adam Gase Will Be Jets Head Coach in 2020

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Mark Brown/Getty Images

Perhaps no coach in the league has been more widely-criticized this season than Adam Gase in his first year at the helm of the New York Jets. Rightfully so-- his supposed offensive genius has yet to show itself at any point this season, Sam Darnold has made no progress from his rookie season, and their prized free-agent acquisition in Le'Veon Bell has yet to make any notable impact.

Given all that, it was widely assumed that the Jets would at least consider canning Gase once the season was over. It's only his first year, and the injury bug has not been kind to New York, but the team has looked so bad at times that firing Gase seems the only way to truly move forward. Jets owner Christopher Johnson put any and all of those thoughts to rest on Wednesday when he said, with no room for interpretation, that Gase would be the head coach come 2020.

The Gase train chugs along. It'll be fascinating to see if the Jets will hold to that, "No matter what" mantra.