Adam Gase Apparently Doesn't Care About the Fans Because He's 'Rich as F--k'

Adam Gase, perhaps thinking about his money.
Adam Gase, perhaps thinking about his money. / Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Coaching in the intense bubble of New York City requires a thick skin and ability to deflect criticism. But Adam Gase's reported coping mechanism will surely rub some Jets fans the wrong way, especially those who invest their hard-earned money in schlepping out to MetLife and forking over a small mortgage for concessions.

The New York Daily News reports this morning that Gase has said privately for months that the fans' ire doesn't particularly matter to him because he has a nice juicy bank account to console him.

"“I’m rich as f--k” has become Gase’s go-to line since taking over 11 months ago, according to sources. Gase has repeatedly said it to anyone that mentions the avalanche of criticism this year. It has become his defense mechanism."

That is ... not what you want. It's not what anyone wants. Gase has rounded Gang Green into some semblance of shape to get to a nice 6-9 this year but the Jets feel miles and miles away from competing in the division -- even if Tom Brady retires. But at least he cares, right?

Sorry, I'm being informed in my earpiece that there may be a problem there too.

"Gase also has said behind closed doors that his “Give-A-Sh--t meter” is low when it comes to critics since he’s got enough money in the bank now (thanks to Christopher Johnson)."

Also alleged from a source inside the organization clearly unhappy with Gase is that someone in the coach's inner circle or family is using a burner account to combat criticism.

Well. If Gase wasn't universally loved before -- and he was not --- this won't help. So many dudes from Long Island to Mahwah are going to be calling into local radio on their way to carpentry jobs just irate. And you can't blame them.