Jeopardy! Isn't Just Going to Hire Some Former NFL Quarterback Like Aaron Rodgers to Be New Host

Aaron Rodgers hosting Jeopardy!
Aaron Rodgers hosting Jeopardy! /

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers may be facing irreconcilable differences. Their breakup seems imminent, even if the Packers refuse to admit it. One of cards Rodgers has left to play is to walk away, which he is reportedly prepared to do if the team does not fire their general manager.

If that's how this goes, it's pretty crazy, but Rodgers is one of the few NFL players who can do it. He's made around $200 million on the field during his career and he once had a touchdown celebration named after a national ad campaign, so he's not going to be hurting for money, even with an upcoming wedding to pay for.

Still, he has other stuff he wants to do. Like host Jeopardy! for example. To hear some NFL reporters parrot this tidbit, you would think the Jeopardy! hosting job is just sitting there waiting for Rodgers to come take it. This is most likely not true. Jeopardy! is as much of an American institution as the Packers. Only one of them wants Rodgers full time right now.

Besides, Jeopardy! would be crazy to pick Rodgers as their permanent new host. Or any NFL quarterback for that matter.

Just look around the NFL. Is there a single quarterback who appears happy with his current situation who has been with the same team for more than five seasons? Rodgers wants out of Green Bay. Russell Wilson wants out of Seattle. Deshaun Watson did want to leave Houston. Tom Brady seemed like he would in New England forever, but even he needed a change of scenery. The only modern quarterback who is probably assured of retiring with his original team is Ben Roethlisberger, and even then, the team wishes he would walk away.

Quarterbacks are not to be trusted. Jeopardy! would be smart to keep that in mind. Who knows how long in Rodgers' tenure with the show before he starts asking when Pat Sajak is going to retire. How long until he shows up on Entertainment Tonight to talk about how he's always been a huge fan of Supermarket Sweep? How will Jeopardy! producers feel when he starts retweeting Family Feud highlights with an eyes emoji? How often will CBS have to put out a statement saying, "Drew Carey is the current host of The Price is Right. We have no further comment at this time." And we haven't even gotten to the stories about tensions between Rodgers and Johnny Gilbert that originate from "someone close to Gilbert's camp."

Jeopardy! doesn't need that NFL quarterback nonsense. Jeopardy! wants someone who will be there for the long haul. Alex Trebek hosted the show from 1984 to 2020. No NFL quarterback could keep the same job for that length of time. Jeopardy! deserves better. America deserves better.