Zack Hample Booed After Catching Home Run at Angels-White Sox Game


Zack Hample, the greatest ballhawk to ever walk the face of the Earth, added to his Hall of Fame That Doesn't Exist legacy last night by perfectly situating himself to catch Taylor Ward's first-inning home run at the Los Angeles Angels-Chicago White Sox game. He continues to add to his total of baseballs snagged, which is over 12,000 at this point. For context, that's almost three times the amount of base hits Pete Rose managed to collect. Makes you think!

But some people simply cannot stand one person having all the nice things. Check out the crowd reaction after Hample's latest feat. There are more than a few boo birds.

Jealousy is not a sweet song. Perhaps those people jeering should simply apply themselves and travel around the country catching foul and home run balls instead of hating on someone who does.

Say what you want about Hample, a truly polarizing figure, but it take a special person to continuing doing what they love despite getting heckled by a significant portion of the other paying customers. He's got that dog in him and is always hungry for his next meal, which comes in the form of a solo or three-run shot.