Zack Hample Takes Hard Fall Chasing Home Run Ball, Twitter Rejoices

Zack Hample falls chasing a home run ball at Citizens Bank Ballpark
Zack Hample falls chasing a home run ball at Citizens Bank Ballpark /

Zack Hample was in attendance as the Philadelphia Phillies hosted the San Francisco Giants Monday night and gave the Internet a dose of enjoyment. Hample, a notorious baseball collector, fell hard and looked like he hurt himself chasing a home run ball off the bat of Brandon Belt. Twitter was loving it.

Here's what happened:

And a follow up:

That's a pretty great wipeout, and the fact that he was futilely reaching for the ball only to have someone else snag it was beautiful.

If you're not aware, Hample travels around to stadiums and snags as many balls as he can. He's wildly aggressive and has been seen plowing through kids to grab baseballs. Most baseball fans can't stand the guy who claims to have collected 11,000 balls from MLB stadiums. He's been referred to as "baseball's most hated fan" and people absolutely love to hate him. Frankly, I can't stand him. He also weaseled his way in to a game meant for active duty military personnel, their friends and family at Fort Bragg in 2016.

So it's no surprise that when Hample took a spill, Twitter was loving it:

Yes, it was fun watching Zack Hample crush his tailbone and not wind up with another home run ball.