Zack Hample Harasses Rockies Ushers For Doing Their Jobs


Zack Hample is one of Major League Baseball's biggest villains. The 44-year-old "baseball collector" goes from stadium to stadium attempting to catch home run balls, often battling and shoving other people out of his way -- including kids. Well, on Friday we learned someone finally stood up to Hample. A Colorado Rockies usher who put him in his place.

Two days ago, Hample posted video to his YouTube channel of an usher at Coors Field telling him he needed to stay in his seat, instead of running all over the park to catch fly balls. Hample, of course, argued and made himself look like a jackass. The irony is, he posted the video in an attempt to make the usher (and the fellow ushers who backed him up) look bad but it turned into a massive self-own.


I applaud the Rockies' ushers for not letting a jackass ruin the game experience for everyone else. The fact that Hample doesn't get how bad he looks is, frankly, hilarious.

The one good thing Hample provides us is video of all the times he's failed. Like this.