Jordan Poole Stared Down Cade Cunningham Before Ausar Thompson Threw His Scoop Shot Into the Stands


The Washington Wizards actually won a game on Monday night, beating the just-as-hapless Detroit Pistons, 126-107. It was just their third win of the season and the team's first since November 8. Despite the easy victory, Jordan Poole still managed to steal all the attention with one spectacularly weird moment.

Poole shook Cade Cunningham and took a moment to consider how he would finish what was certainly going to be a highlight. For a brief second it looked like Poole was about to do one of those James Harden stare-downs before nailing an open shot. Except Poole decided against a boring midrange jumper and attempted a scoop layup that was swatted into the stands by Ausur Thompson.

The alternate angles of the blocked shot are just as hilarious.

Even in victory...

All we can hope is that Poole remains healthy all season because his potential to embarrass himself and the team that traded for him appears limitless. He makes all Wizards games notable because you never know what kind of weird new blooper he's capable of on any given night. He might be the most entertaining basketball player alive.

In case you were curious, Poole also went 0-for-2 from three in the game to drop his season three-point field goal percentage to an even 28 percent.