Who is Colin Cowherd's New NFL Source?


Colin Cowherd broke one of the biggest NFL free agency stories of all time when he definitively said, before Adam Schefter, Ian Rapoport, Jay Glazer or anyone else, that Tom Brady was headed to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He even said it would happen the day after he announced the news, which also proved to be true. Cowherd mentioned he had a well-placed source, and that source turned out to be correct.

Well, Cowherd went back to the well again, sourcing his source for more sorcery. Let me just say, if he got this one right, this might be the most well-placed source in the NFL.

According to Cowherd, Odell Beckham Jr. is not happy with all the trade rumors swirling around him and now "wants out" of Cleveland. It was reported on WFAN yesterday that the Browns were engaged in conversations with the Vikings to trade the former Pro Bowl wide receiver. Now Cowherd's reporting the feeling is mutual and OBJ is ready to take his talents elsewhere.

Now, if Bechkam does wind up getting traded, that won't really validate Cowherd here. He had secondary information, not the initial buzz that Beckham was on the block.

BUT...what if Beckham comes out publicly and demands a trade? Or sits out offseason activities? Or does both? Then you have to tip your cap to Cowherd and his source again for getting this one right.

As all sources are, Cowherd's is, and will remain, a mystery. But you have to assume it's someone connected to the players and/or their agents because this kind of information doesn't get leaked at a league level and the two stories are so different it's hard to imagine Cowherd suddenly having sources at multiple team levels either.

My best guess is it's someone in the celebrity world because Cowherd is in with that crew and you know Brady and Beckham are too. But that's complete conjecture. Nothing more.

We'll see what happens next in the Beckham Jr. situation, but if Cowherd is suddenly breaking NFL news like this on a daily basis, it might be the biggest news of the NFL offseason.