AUDIO: Listen to WFAN Host Say Odell Beckham Jr. Trade to Vikings Could Happen

Brian Giuffra
Odell Beckham Jr.
Odell Beckham Jr. / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Marc Malusis isn't a household name or an established insider but the co-host of Moose and Maggie on WFAN dropped some significant news this morning, saying the Browns and Vikings are involved in trade talks around Odell Beckham Jr. and the current asking price is a second- and fifth-round pick.

You can listen to the audio on WFAN here. Hit the back button on the live video feed and scroll back to 10:06:15 AM for the part where he makes the statement.

Calling his source "well-placed," Malusis said, "don't be surprised if you see Odell Beckham Jr. get traded to the Minnesota Vikings for a two and a five next year," referring to draft picks, which could be considered low based on what the Vikings got for Stefon Diggs, but comparable to what the Texans got for Deandre Hopkins. Malusis also hedged his bets by saying, "don't be surprised if that deal does not happen" and "it's not a done deal."

So don't be surprised if OBJ is traded and don't be surprised if he's not traded. Got it.

It was an awkward foray into the breaking news realm for Malusis, but obviously this is the biggest news he's reporting based on sourcing so you can't really blame him. Reading his bio on WFAN, he's been with the radio station since 2000 and has worked as a board operator, producer and co-host so clearly he understands the magnitude of what he's reporting and, hopefully, wouldn't do so unless his source truly was well-placed.

We'll see if anything comes of this, but credit to Malusis if it happens, and if it doesn't, don't be surprised by that either.