What if No One Signs Tom Brady?

Tom Brady during his final game? Perhaps.
Tom Brady during his final game? Perhaps. / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Tom Brady's free agency will seemingly never start or stop. Where will he play next season? Only Brady knows. Maybe. Maybe he isn't even sure. Brady recently told Charlie Weis that "nobody knows anything." So anyone who says they know doesn't know and everyone says they know he's headed somewhere.

Just two weeks ago we heard that the Tennessee Titans were the favorites to land Brady. That was a couple weeks after we heard Brady and Gisele were visiting a Nashville school. Unfortunately, the second story was started by a confused high schooler. The first one may also prove inaccurate because the Titans have already moved on even though Brady is interested.


Today we also heard that the Patriots were prepared to move on from Tom Brady and already had his heir under contract in Jared Stidham. Oh, and last week Ian Rapoport said that the San Francisco 49ers also never seriously considered a Garoppolo-Brady swap. Leaving Brady fighting for the starting job in Tampa with Philip Rivers, Teddy Bridgewater and Jameis Winston.

So what if the simplest answer is that he's headed nowhere? What if nobody wants to sign an immobile 43-year old quarterback with weird personal fitness habits who throws temper tantrums on the sidelines? Maybe Brady should take the Monday Night Football role that Tony Romo and Peyton Manning have both turned down. He did just buy a house outside Bristol, Connecticut.