RUMOR: Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo Might Be Trading Places

Jimmy Garoppolo and Tom Brady at the Kentucky Derby.
Jimmy Garoppolo and Tom Brady at the Kentucky Derby. / Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Where will Tom Brady play next season? Patriots insider Tom Curran appeared on Adam Schein's Mad Dog Sports Radio show today and broke out some complicated math to explain where he thought Brady will end up. Curran said that he thinks there's a 50/50 shot that Brady either ends up in Tennessee or stays in New England. And then added that the San Francisco 49ers were closing hard. Possibly with a third 50 percent.

There is apparently interest on both sides from Brady and the Niners, who could release Jimmy Garoppolo with minimal financial implications. Then Garoppolo would be free to return to New England and the only coach that ever truly appreciated him, Bill Belichick.

As much sense as it might make for these two to trade places, it just seems crazy. This rumor definitely qualifies as stupid. Even if it somehow ends up being true.