Urban Meyer's Picture-Packed Coffee Table Is a Stunner

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Urban Meyer dutifully shot down speculation his wandering eye would take him away from Jacksonville and out to sunny California. A faction of people will remain understandably skeptical based on his track record. A few of those may be won over to the side of trust and belief this morning as First Coast News airs footage from inside the Meyers' Florida home. Because, well, would a person really unpack 30 treasured family photos and display them — somewhat perplexingly — on a circular glass coffee table at knee level if the intention was to quickly reload them back into a moving truck?

People are up early on this Friday buzzing about this design choice. I'm not saying it's right, but it's happening. We all lead rather small lives and laughing about something like this helps dull the pain. Plus, it's just a lot of pictures. No one denies this.

And you know what? It sort of works. I'd never considered a display like this in my life and now there's an urge to try something similar in our basement is creeping in. What's the point of having all of these wonderful family memories up on the wall if their height and distance from the viewer discourages inspection. Makes you think.

Simply put, the Meyers have a beautiful home. The bold red notes really make a statement and pay homage to Urban's success at both Ohio State and Utah. The funky pattern adorning the pillows, love seat and chair is playful yet too wild. There's a certain warmth and welcoming vibe to be commended.

But, man, that coffee table and scores of photos is a bonafide standout.