Urban Meyer Shoots Down USC Rumors, So That's the End of That, Right?

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Urban Meyer's first NFL game was a disaster, the USC job suddenly opened up and the expected speculation crept in with force. The Jacksonville Jaguars coach, who could have had the Texas job or really any job he wants at this point, chose to challenge himself at the professional level. Surely he did this for a reason and calling an audible after 60 minutes of football would have been a totally outrageous turn of events, even when one considers Meyer's body of work dipped deeply in indecision and broken promises.

He found a microphone Wednesday morning and commented on the rumor mill in an attempt to take all the air out of people's thought bubbles.

There you have it. A definitive denial. From a source in the know. Take it for what it's worth, which is something but not everything. Meyer is very likely committed to building in Jacksonville. But media and fans alike have been burned before by the fool me once ... approach to his statements. Add in the backdrop of a click climate that rewards the what could happen more than the what is or what did happen and you have a recipe for continued oxygen on this storyline.

USC likely won't name a permanent replacement in-season. The Jaguars are going to lose a lot of football games and it won't appear from the outside to be a pleasurable experience. Two months from now, it's very likely we're in the same situation.

This is the bed Meyer made. It's fair to have some healthy skepticism. Do I think there's any chance we see Urban begin anew in Los Angeles this year or any other? Not really. That doesn't mean we're close to hearing the end of such a potential reality.