Urban Meyer Looks Lost Out There

Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars
Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars / Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Urban Meyer looks lost out there. Literally. Look at this very brief clip from after the Jacksonville Jaguars-New Orleans Saints preseason game on Monday night.

Was this a timely tribute to all the freshmen moving to campus for the first time this fall? A memory of a young man on his own for the first time, just looking for a friendly face and some human interaction? Obviously, it's a small sample size, but have we seen any indications that Meyer is going to be successful?

So far he spent a summer appearing on wrestling shows and pretending Tim Tebow could be a tight end a decade after he stopped being a quarterback. He's apparently building a tight team, but the only proof of that so far is Meyer convincing a hospital CEO to do some more research.

Obviously, the Jaguars' 0-2 record in the preseason means nothing, but if he and Trevor Lawrence don't get off to a fast start you have to wonder how quickly Meyer will realize his one-year plan isn't realistic in the NFL.