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Troy Aikman Wants the NFL to 'Take the Dresses Off'

Kyle Koster

After reading a full day's worth of discourse claiming yesterday's roughing the passer penalty involving Tom Brady was the most atrocious call in NFL history, the officiating crew for Las Vegas Raiders-Kansas City Chiefs game decided to change the conversation Don Draper style by outdoing it. Chiefs defensive menace Chris Jones was whistled for a 15-yard penalty for this hit on Derek Carr — becoming the first player to ever be whistled for roughing while possessing the football.

The crowd at Arrowhead is still letting the officials have it, everyone at home is confused about this new era of football and Troy Aikman is pulling no punches.

"My hope is the competition committee looks at this next set of meetings and, you know, we take the dresses off," he said.

Everyone is jumping to the conclusion that this is the NFL post-Tua. There's at least some chance, though, that it's just two isolated bad calls in high-profile spots. Time will tell.