Even Tom Watson Is Taking Jabs at Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Tom Watson
Tom Watson / Jeff Curry/GettyImages

On Sunday, Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs will do something they have not done in several years-- play a road playoff game before the Super Bowl. They'll visit the Buffalo Bills in the first road postseason contest of Patrick Mahomes' career and, undoubtedly, Taylor Swift will be in attendance. Just like her relationship with Kelce, the NFL Swifties storyline is still going strong and the discourse about it will be present on Sunday.

Even from unexpected sources. While on the PGA Champions Tour, golf legend Tom Watson was asked about his hometown Chiefs' chances in Buffalo. He said Kelce needs to catch more passes and then wondered if his mind was really on football given his drop problem recently. Meaning, of course, that his focus lies more with Swift than his job.

A bit tongue-in-cheek, to be sure, but also an extremely hometown fan take. So tough to say how joking it really is. There are probably thousands of Chiefs fans who hold the same opinion as Watson.

Obviously Kelce's drop "problem" pales in comparison to that of his Chiefs teammates, who have literally caused interceptions and losses with their stone hands. But they aren't dating a very famous woman and therefore are not lightingrods for the suggestion that she's distracting them too much.

We'll see how focused he is come kickoff at 6pm ET.