Conflicting Sources: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Getting Engaged in Six Months. Or Not.

Taylor Swift and a Travis Kelce stand-in who doesn't even host a podcast.
Taylor Swift and a Travis Kelce stand-in who doesn't even host a podcast. / Rich Polk/Golden Globes 2024/GettyImages

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are not engaged, despite what some irresponsible websites may have previously wondered. They are, however, preparing to get engaged. Or not. It depends on which anonymous sources you want to believe on the eve of the NFL Playoffs.

On Thursday Page Six reported that Swift and Kelce were planning to get engaged later this year.

A source tells Page Six that there’s buzz around Swift’s camp that the “Cruel Summer” singer and her NFL star beau, Travis Kelce, plan to get engaged this summer. 

There are rumors the pair held off from having Kelce pop the question over the winter holidays because “they don’t want it to seem like it’s rushed insanity.” 

Our source also said he won’t go down on one knee for Valentine’s Day for the same reason.

So if you're on Team Page Six, you can expect an engagement in July, which will coincide with the couple's one-year anniversary. And everyone knows that a celebrity couple getting engaged after knowing each other for one year is definitely not rushed insanity. Unfortunately, with just six months to go until the reported proposal, there's already another report that disputing that report. Via The Messenger:

"There are still no plans for an engagement," said the insider. "It's still new and they're happy and still getting to know each other."

So Page Six has a source, but The Messenger has an insider. This is a real conundrum. Are the celebs planning to get engaged six months from now or not? It doesn't really seem like the kind of private conversation you would share with anyone if you wanted to keep in under wraps. People are so thirsty for Kelce-Swift content they're turning podcast ad reads into news articles.

So this kind of feels like a mob thing where Travis and Taylor are trying to flush out the rat in their crew so they told one person they were getting engaged and another person they weren't and it turns out the [relation]ship is sinking because there are leaks everywhere.