Tom Brady is Actually Good?

Tom Brady threw five touchdown passes.
Tom Brady threw five touchdown passes. / James Gilbert/Getty Images

Tom Brady is an ageless wonder who doesn't need Bill Belichick to succeed. There. Someone finally said it. Now let's just bask in his greatness and never say another bad word about him.

Brady completed 30 of 46 attempts for 369 yards and five touchdowns in a shootout win over the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. Most impressively, he became the oldest quarterback to ever throw for five touchdown passes in a single game. Get used to that because whatever Brady does this season (unless he's kicking a field goal) he will be the oldest to ever do it.

He also threw a pick-six, which I jumped on yesterday to try and capitalize on some Bradenfreude. It was a bad throw. I may have jinxed or reverse-jinxed the rest of his afternoon. I've written about it before. Bloggers and other sports writers have a great deal of influence over the sporting events they write about. It's a scary power with awesome responsibility and I may have saved Brady from getting benched this season.

The same thing happened earlier in the season when I celebrated a bad season-opener for Mitch Trubisky by tweeting a link to the Bears talking about how much he had changed during the offseason. He went on to throw three touchdowns in the fourth quarter and the Bears won.

Sure, Trubisky lost his job a few weeks later, but that won't happen to Brady because he is an ageless wonder. He's third in touchdowns and sixth in passing yards a quarter of the way through the season. For those of us waiting for him to finally stop being good at football, it doesn't look like 2020 is the year.