The Bucs Treated Tom Brady Better Than the Packers Treated Aaron Rodgers When Drafting Kyle Trask

Tom Brady giving a high five to Bruce Arians.
Tom Brady giving a high five to Bruce Arians. / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Packers' relationship with Aaron Rodgers began to deteriorate before they drafted Jordan Love. Indeed, things really began falling apart when the Packers didn't tell Rodgers they planned to draft his presumed successor.

Since then, GM Brian Gutekunst admitted he made a mistake not communicating the Packers' plans with Rodgers in an effort to mend fences. To no avail. Rodgers is still staying away from Green Bay and reportedly would rather retire than play for the Packers again as long as Gutekunst remains GM.

Enter the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who clearly were paying attention to the drama unfolding in Wisconsin ahead of this year's NFL Draft. Knowing Tom Brady can't play forever (can he?), the Bucs took a swing on Florida quarterback Kyle Trask, selecting him in the second round. Before making that move, however, the Bucs made sure to consult Brady, going as far as asking Brady to help scout the perspective quarterbacks the Bucs might select.

You can fast forward to the two-minute mark of this clip to hear Bucs head coach Bruce Arians explain how they kept Brady in the loop ahead of the draft.

Keeping Rodgers in the dark eroded a decade-plus of goodwill built between him the only franchise he's ever played for. Damn right the Bucs weren't going to do the same after Brady led them to a Super Bowl in his first year with the team.

Every NFL franchise has learned a lesson thanks to the Packers' blunder. When you have an elite quarterback, you have to keep them in the loop when it comes to things like, you know, drafting their replacement.

Rest assured this won't be the last time a coach or GM is asked this question. Just imagine 20 years from now when the Chiefs have to replace Patrick Mahomes with Brady's son. No idea if that timetable actually works, but you better believe Andy Reid will give Mahomes the heads up from his cryogenic, cheeseburger chamber.