Greg Norman Confirms LIV Offered Tiger Woods Somewhere Around $700 to $800 Million [Update]

The 150th Open - Day Two
The 150th Open - Day Two / Ross Kinnaird/GettyImages

Greg Norman sat down for an interview with Tucker Carlson which aired on FOX News Monday night. The interview, which promotes and legitimizes LIV Golf for FOX News viewers, was likely shot at Bedminster, Donald Trump's course that just hosted the latest LIV event over the weekend. (Synergy!)

Anyway, the topic of Tiger Woods came up and Norman basically confirmed to Carlson that LIV had in fact offered Tiger Woods close to a billion dollars to join their tour.

[We've included video of the actual exchange below. Decide for yourself.]

Can you imagine turning down $700 to $800 million? What a power move by Tiger Woods to turn down that much money. It must be easier to do when you're worth that much on your own. This seems like a pretty big PR win for Tiger Woods and the PGA and they didn't even have to do anything.

UPDATE: Video has finally been posted and Carlson actually asks Norman if LIV offered Tiger, "Seven, Eight-hundred billion dollars." Without blinking - or really hearing what Carlson said - Norman confirmed "that number's been out there," pointing out that Tiger's offer was made before he was CEO.

So, no disrespect to the original tweeter, but this doesn't actually seem like confirmation of anything really. The offer to Tiger would obviously have to be huge, but this really just sounds like Norman saying he also heard that.