The Phillies & Royals Had a World Series Rematch on Family Feud Way Back in 1980 [Video]


The Philadelphia Phillies beat the Kansas City Royals in the 1980 World Series. What I wasn’t aware of until today is that the Phils and Royals had an almost immediate rematch on the Richard Dawson-hosted Family Feud. In the glorious 22-minute video of the episode embedded above you will see the fashions and hair styles of big league ball players in 1980. I can’t tell if this was awkward because this is the end of the disco era or because these guys are baseball players. Either way, it is extremely enjoyable.

Philadelphia Phillies lineup:  Larry Bowa, Garry Maddox, Mike Schmidt, Dale Unser, Dick Ruthven

Kansas City Royals lineup: Dan Quisenberry, Willie Wilson, Paul Splittorff, John Wathan, Dennis Leonard

[Big League Stew via The 700 Club]

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